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Expert-Led ‘The Checkout’ Podcast Tackles Food Labor, Justice, and Sustainability

by Karma Sunshine

Few people know the ins and outs of the organic food world like Errol Schweizer. The former VP of Grocery for Whole Foods Market has launched The Checkout podcast, focused on three key areas of the food industry: justice, labor, and sustainability.

Schweizer helmed Whole Foods Market’s grocery channel, first as the global coordinator before becoming the Vice President. He exited in 2016, serving as an advisor to numerous brands and initiatives, including the National Co-op Grocers Association and the Xerces Society, which works to support invertebrate wildlife. Schweizer also co-founded the Regenerative Organics Marketplace for outdoor giant Patagonia.

The Checkout will connect with notable names across the food industry including food labor organizers, farmers, and industry executives. The podcast is produced by Evan Driscoll.

“Both Evan and I see the food system from the inside out. We have collectively worked dozens of food sector jobs, from farmers markets, farm manager, and grill cook to national executive, local buyers, and entry level to board members,” Schweizer said in a statement. “As a former Whole Foods VP, I’ve also had the privilege of working with diverse groups of employees and entrepreneurs across the country, helping seed and steward many present-day food trends.”

The announcement comes as the food industry is undergoing rapid changes. The pandemic shined light on the issues with industrial meat production. COVID buying also saw a spike in organic purchases as consumers seek healthier options.

Food industry expert professor, and author, Raj Patel was the Checkout’s first guest.

Future episodes will feature Jose Oliva, food labor organizer and justice advocate at HEAL Food Alliance; Carla Vernón, former President and Corporate Officer at General Mills; and Jon Allen Foster, a Michigan based fast food labor organizer.

The Checkout is available on most podcast platforms.

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