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Jason Momoa Urges 15 Million Fans to Watch Climate Change Documentary

by Karma Sunshine

Aquaman/everybody’s boyfriend Jason Momoa is drying off and taking to Instagram to urge his followers to watch the trailer for the new climate change documentary, “Kiss the Ground.”

“Wow. Ready for some good news? In a time of such uncertainty and what feels like bad news everyday around every corner? I watched a film with my family executive produced by my long-time brother @iansomerhalder A film called @Kissthegroundmovie that literally shows how we can reverse climate change by drawing carbon dioxide out of the air and safely restoring in the ground where it belongs,” Momoa wrote. “It’s called “drawdown” or carbon sequestration using large-scale commercial agriculture. It works and we all can be a part of it.”

The film is narrated by actor Woody Harrelson. It’s earning high praises for its novel approach to the climate emergency.

The Dirt on Earth

“There’s so much bad news about our planet, it’s overwhelming,” Harrelson says at the opening of the film. “The fear that we’re headed for a cliff puts most of us in a state of paralysis. The truth is, I’ve given up. And the odds are so have you. But what if there was another path?”

That path is quite literally under our feet, the film suggests. Directors Josh and Rebecca Tickell take the viewers on a journey through soil regeneration and how that could heal the earth. That’s the “draw down” effect Momoa mentions; soil holds the potential to sequester significant amounts of CO2, methane, and other harmful heat-trapping gasses.

“My heart is happy. My mind is blown. Here is our answer to the single greatest challenge we face in human history. When we fix climate injustice and social injustice we fix our planet and society. I ask you to please share this trailer,” Momoa urged his fans.

The film debuts on Netflix today.

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