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IKEA Ups Its Vegan Game, Pulls Pork Off the Menu In Japan

by Indigo Star

IKEA Japan is now offering its shoppers a new katsu curry menu option at its cafes. But hold the pork on this one. The new curry, the menu’s only one, is completely vegan.

The new menu option, the Born from the Fields Plant Katsu Curry, replaces the home furnishing chain’s last curry option that contained meat.

The move is IKEA’s latest offering to up its sustainability commitment and efforts to reduce its climate impact. The chain has recently launched vegan meatballs, vegan hot dogs, and dairy-free ice cream in stores throughout the US and Europe.

The new curry features a fried soybean-based cutlet served on a bed of rice and rich curry sauce. Like its other vegan options, IKEA says meat-eaters, will enjoy the new option.

IKEA Japan urges its customers to “please try it once.”

Vegan cabbage rolls, dairy-free chocolate mousse, and a meatless kebab flatbread also launched at IKEA in Tokyo’s Harauku neighborhood. It’s currently the only location not offering the vegan curry.

The chain says vegetable foods bring benefits to both the earth and the body, with a reduced carbon footprint than meat, making vegan options the more sustainable choice.

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