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Greta Thunberg Documentary Debuts at Venice Film Festival

by Indigo Star

Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg is the subject of a new documentary.

The film, “I Am Greta,” debuted at the Venice Film Festival earlier this month. It follows the Swedish teen as her weekly school strikes, which began in 2018, became a cultural phenomenon, spurring protests and movements across the globe.

Director Nathan Grossman documented Thunberg’s movements for a year, beginning with her initial protests outside of Swedish Parliament. Grossman says that he never could have anticipated Thunberg’s rise when he first started documenting her protests. Thunberg has become the de facto spokesperson for the youth climate movement earning fans young and old, including former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenneger. She was named TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2019 and has spoken around the world, including at the United Nations Global Climate Summit last year.

“I think we have seen a lot of her in the news media, she has been doing so many interviews and I wanted to bring the viewer closer to her, how does it feel to go from nothing to become this very famous climate activist,” Grossman told Reuters in a recent interview.

“I was also thinking like, ‘Jesus, everything is going so quickly. What a weird kind of rush … this is’, in a sense that we are standing here with the pope and just eight, nine months ago she started the school strike,” he said.

Thunberg appeared via video at the festival. She applauded Grossman’s work in documenting her and the movement and her own role in it.

“You did succeed in framing me as myself and not the person that the media frames me to be, not the angry, naive child who sits in the United Nations general assembly screaming at world leaders. Because that’s not the person I am,” she said. “So, I think he definitely made me seem like a more shy, nerdy person, which is the person that I am.”

“I Am Greta” will begin streaming on Hulu in November.



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