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Get the Extra Guac: Chipotle Is Turning Avocados Into Sustainable Clothes

by Karma Sunshine

Chipotle is turning avocados into clothing.

The Mexican fast-food chain is using the guacamole essential to dye its new sustainable apparel brand, labeled Chipotle Goods.

“We know people are looking to celebrate their passion for Chipotle, and we set out to create a line of products with the same thoughtfulness, care, and attention to detail that we use in our kitchens,” Chris Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer, said in a statement “With Chipotle Goods, our fans can get quality items that support sustainable agriculture and represent our mission of cultivating a better world.”

Chipotle is working with Loomstate, on the line; the design company provides the chain with its organic cotton uniforms as well. The line features tees, sweats, and tote bags as well as statement tees, long sleeves, leggings, bombers, and jean jackets. There are also kids’ options, socks, reusable water bottles, and phone cases that look like foil-wrapped burritos.

The soft cotton tees are hued with a creamy avocado pit beige — think corn chip before the big guac dip. The mission-driven launch will send all profits from the collection to organizations focused on making fashion and farming more sustainable. 

Avocados With An Impact

Chipotle has one of the biggest avocado footprints in the world; its six-ingredient guacamole creates about 300 million avocado pits annually. When boiled in water, the pits release a plant-based dye. But like each batch of guacamole can vary in flavor from the subtleties of the ingredients, each piece of apparel will be unique in shade and color as well.

This process keeps dissolved avocado pits out of landfills by creating a second use for the pits. The line is focused on size inclusivity, and the gender-neutral pieces are mostly unisex in sizing as well.

The organic cotton bases are as important as the upcycled dye source; Loomstate says just last year Chipotle averted nearly two million pounds of pesticides by making its uniforms from organic cotton.


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