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Germany Says This Is How Long Your Dog Walks Should Be

by Karma Sunshine

You won’t typically get any resistance from your dog when it comes to going for a walk, but just how long is the ideal dog-walking time? In a proposed law that sounds like it could have been written by dogs themselves, Germany could soon require a minimum of two dog walks per day totaling at least one hour every day.

Germany’s agricultural minister Julia Klöckner is proposing the legislation on behalf of the country’s more than 9 million dogs. In addition to the mandatory walks, the legislation would also prohibit leaving dogs home all day or tied up outside for an extended period. Klöckner has not explained how the country would enforce the new regulations if passed.

“Pets are not cuddly toys — and their needs have to be considered,” Klöckner said to the German news outlet Deutsche Welle. The proposed legislation was coordinated in conjunction with “new scientific research about dogs’ needs.”

The new legislation would also impact breeders and limit the number of dogs they can keep. It would also regulate minimum and maximum temperatures in breeding facilities.

Just how much exercise dogs need is a widely contested subject. But most experts agree that exercise and behavior needs vary largely by size, breed, and age of the pet. All dogs do need enrichment — exposure to smells, new environments, and fresh air. But they may not need rigorous or extended walks. The best way to determine what your pup’s needs are, is to discuss with your dog’s vet or obedience trainer.

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